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 General Rules and Registrations of This Forum

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PostSubject: General Rules and Registrations of This Forum   Wed Apr 02, 2008 3:55 am

Rules of My Football Jersey Collectors Forum

i. No flaming between supporters of different clubs (no insults either). We are all football jersey lovers so we all share the same love. One love brother.
ii. No insults and flaming here just for the sake of fun or 'menceriakan keadaan'. I will not tolerate another footy1312 in this forum.
iii. No fake jerseys. Discussions & talk is about original authentic jerseys only. We do not condole fake jersey.
iv. Discussion under the Football Jersey Collectors Discussoin only involves:

a. Football players jersey
b. Training jerseys
c. Football players shorts
d. Football players socks

No other materials should be discussed. If so, you can go ahead and talk about it in the kopitiam section.

v. For bulk sales of purchasing jerseys, patches or NNs, we are not held responsible with the outcome of the bulk sales (such as if the item goes missing or is fake). Very Happy

vi. If you have 0 posts since you registered, your account will be deleted 1 month later if you still have 0 posts.
vii. If you have less than 20 posts after 2 months, your account will be deleted. We want to eliminate potential spies and irresponsible individuals joining this forum only to suck out information.
viii. To view the following sections in the forum:

Football Jersey Collectors (JCs) Discussions
- Football Jerseys Sighted!

Football Jersey Collectors's Lobby Lounge
- Kopitiam Talk
- Footy Talk

- Football Jersey Group Bulk Orders
- Player Issue Jerseys for Sale/Swap
- Replica Football Jerseys For Sale/Swap
- Wanted Football Jerseys

You must have 50 posts or more. PM me if you want access to those sections after you have more than 50 posts.
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General Rules and Registrations of This Forum
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